My Name is John Marty.


-I am a Product Manager-

I am passionate about technology, and it's ability to solve problems. I love the interplay of stakeholders, development teams, design, and marketing that come together to enable successful product launches. The discovery and communication of consumer pain points is one of my biggest strengths. I have an understanding of the intricacies of software development as well as a solid educational, and business foundation. This experience allows  me to quickly gain rapport with development teams to build great products. 

I'm extremely  hard working, motivated, enthusiastic, and enterprising.  I thrive on challenging team projects, take initiative, and strive to set set and achieve goals that maximize profit. 

As a visionary and leader, my peers latch onto my advice and guidance for inspiration.  I am intrigued by the unique traits and contributions of human capital, as well as, untapped talent, and potential that can be extracted with development and design teams. 

My work ethic, creativity and background are all important ingredients that help me to convey my messaging. 

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